Victoria Wolny was born in 1974 and grew up in Burton-on-Trent. Her interest in art came from watching her father, a prolific landscape and portrait artist, paint in his studio. Here she learnt about various techniques using several types of medium but was particularly interested in oil paint. In order to pursue her other interest in Natural Sciences, Victoria gained a scholarship to Denstone College and then graduated from Warwick University in 1996 with a degree in Biological Sciences. Throughout this time her interest in the arts never faltered and she produced several pieces of work during her studies.

Victoria’s paintings have a real depth of feeling to them beyond the visible. Her interest in colour, and the effects of wavelength are grounded in scientific study. Her use of layering and complex manipulation of oil paints are aimed to invoke emotion; to create an impulse in the viewer initiated by colour. The paintings also possess a unique changeable character in different lights and when viewed from different angles.

Since becoming a full time artist in 2016 Victoria has had her work shown at an impressive array of venues including the London Mall Galleries, the Menier Gallery and shortlisted for the Royal Academy. She has also sold to art collectors nationally and world wide.